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Software Development since 1987

Our team has been developing software since 1987. In 1989, the first customer orders have been processed and starting in the 90s we created own software products for distribution. This experience and expertise you can use for your needs. In the IT GmbH you can draw on in-depth knowledge.

  •      Development of shared applications
  •      Application development. NET
  •      Development of ActiveX and WPF Controls
  •      Client-/Server-Development
  •      Relational Databases
  •      Intranet techniques
  •      KNX / EIB Application Development
  •      In-depth protocol knowledge of a variety of systems (eg OPC, M-Bus, Modbus, NMEA2000)
  •      Development of plug-ins and add-ins for ETS3 and ETS4
  •      App development for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android phones and Windows 8

Our development priorities are:

  •      Building Automation
  •      Diagnostic systems for complex processes
  •      Control systems for rail vehicles
  •      Dcanner
  •      Individual app development

We are happy to work for your company! For inquiries, please contact our sales department.

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