26.03.2018 11:35 Category: Produkte

Elvis 3 und Apps | New ETS Apps and new Releases Elvis 3

- New ETS Apps and new Releases Elvis 3 -

With our new ETS app "Project Diff" you can compare the current project with older versions - useful e.g. for troubleshooting, change documentation, checking of changes and resolution of conflicts.

In addition to the ETS App "Project Data Exchange", there is now an additional tool available free of charge with which ETS data can be exchanged with Microsoft Excel. Applications range from the evaluation of ETS data, import of existing data such as room lists to the creation of an ETS project almost exclusively in Excel.

The new Elvis release 3.3.170 is available. Besides many detailed improvements, our highlights are the support of additional protocols (DMX / Artnet, MQTT, KNX secure) as well as new and expanded control elements (Download-Center).