Smart Home App without additional server hardware

The request of installing KNX devices is growing and growing and the wish to control the devices by smart phone is comming up multiple times. The expert has the choice to decide for a solution and to invest the time on training how to use the software once, to make projects with it for multiple times. An approach to this can be found in the app Elvis Viewer direct. It is developed by us to control a plant cost-efficient and fast.

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Elvis Viewer direct at a glance

Controlling of: KNX, MQTT (MQTT Client / MQTT Broker), Philips Hue

Elvis Server Light functions: Scenes, Sequences, Scheduling

Internet of Things IoT

In addition to the connection of KNX systems, the Elvis Viewer direct supports the robust IoT protocol MQTT. This considerably increases the number of supported devices and enables a cross-protocol linking of data points/group addresses of KNX and MQTT devices. Optionally, an MQTT broker can be activated parallel to the MQTT client.

Philips Hue

Control Philips Hue lighting and sensors with the Elvis Viewer direct. After successful connection with the Elvis Designer, the data points can be read directly from the Philips Hue Bridge and integrated into the visualization.

Comfortable without additional invest

The control of a smart home via App without any additional hardware is a often desired. The cost for the plant shall be cost efficient. The building owner, who gave the order for the project will even be happy if he can reduce the costs for the project. If it is possible to control the plant directly out of the app, without inegration of additional server hardware to the plant, this will save money. Elvis Viewer direct gives this oportunity. The App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store.


Short instructions

Short instructions (Chinese)

To control a plant via Elvis Viewer direct, not much is needed. Of course a KNX/MQTT plant is needed that is configurated correctly. The number of operating pages and the involved data points are without limitation.

Flexible Design

In the field of preparing the surface of the control panel, smart home users are sometimes very ambitious about the look of the project on their handy. Therefore it is important to have the ability to design all the controls individually. If needed, photos of your customer can be integrated into the app appearance, to fullfill the customers needs.

Expanding the project

Elvis Viewer direct is a solution in of in the Elvis product family. During the development the IT GmbH paied attention to adjust the different products, to make it simple to apply even complex projects within the same surrounding. Is a house extended with a multi media installation, the work done before is not done for nothing, it is used in the same project, that is extended with different funcionalities.

Start right through

Elvis Viewer direct offers a solid solution, based and formed on the experiences of experts in the field of home automation. If you are dealing with smart Home for the first time, you have a good opportunity to find a professional introduction to this topic. Not least we support our customer with our support team, to make it easy to start through.

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Comparison Elvis Viewer - Elvis Viewer direct

Elvis Viewer

  • Supports with few exceptions all controls that are also supported by the Elvis Terminal.
  • Required: Elvis server and client licenses.

Elvis Viewer direct

  • No support for the following controls:
    ElvisChart, AlarmListControl, Scene-/Schedule-/SequenceConfigControl.
    Otherwise support of the same control elements as with the Elvis Viewer.
  • No server communication between individual clients.
  • No user administration and logics (CustomItems).
  • Required: only one client license per device.

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