Elvis Viewer - the App for mobile devices

Simple and safe operation on the plant via Smartphone or Tablet

With the free Elvis Viewer app you can display the state and control your house / building through a mobile device.
Features at a glance:

  • With Elvis Designer the appearance and function of the desired operating pages for your target devices is defined. The app Elvis Viewer assumes the representation of the operating pages and communicates with the system. Elvis Designer can be downloaded in the Opens internal link in current windowdownload area. You can also find a quick guide to the configuration. The online help for the designer gives you detailed information about all functions.
  •  For display and / or control several control elements like buttons, analog input/output, enter and display text, display images, and web cams, ...) are delivered, whose appearance and behavior can be set to you needs in Elvis. You will find an overview of the controls currently supported by the Elvis Viewer in the online manual of Elvis Designer.
  • All relevant ports for building systems such as EIB / KNX, OPC, M-Bus, Modbus, DMX-512, DLNA (multi-media) are supported.
  • Supports all devices with Android version 2.3. or higher and iOS version 4.3. or higher. Of course, you can use different page layouts for portrait and landscape view.

In our Opens internal link in current windowKnowledge Base you can find articles how to create an ElvisMobile project in 5 steps.

Easier! Nice! Flexible!

Elvis 3 is a powerful visualization system that is also used for control and monitoring tasks in building management.
Elvis Viewer is the mobile visualization of building automation. It offers a lightning-fast and convenient way to access all the features of your building. The device communicates via WiFi with the Elvis Mobile Server module in IIS (Internet Information Services). The required files (*. xml, *.config and graphics files) are generated by Elvis designer.
The app can be downloaded from Opens external link in new windowiTunes or Opens external link in new windowGoolge play. Simply search for Elvis Viewer!
For further questions about the product please contact us any time at +49 911 5183490 or Opens window for sending emailsupport@it-gmbh.de available.

Comparison Elvis Viewer - Elvis Viewer direct

Elvis Viewer

  • Support of almost all controls.
  • Required: Elvis server and client licenses.

Elvis Viewer direct

  • Does not support controls that require an Elvis Server runtime.
  • That includes: ElvisChart, AlarmListControl, Scene-/Schedule-/SequenceConfigControl.
    Otherwise support of the same control elements as with the  Elvis Viewer.
  • Required: only one client license per device.