Device Check

A slim tool for automated check of KNX/EIB devices


Device Check queries all KNX/EIB devices in a given address range and

  • checks whether the device exists (is responding)
  • reads according to your choice several interesting status data (bus voltage, error flags, run state etc.)

Output is on the screen and optionally to a CSV file.

The tools functionality can be controlled completely from the command line. So it is a.o. possible to start the device check regularly via Windows' "Scheduled Tasks".

The Setup is available from the  Opens internal link in current windowDownload-Center. More information is available in the Online Help after installation.

For operation, the KNX "Falcon" library must be installed. This will be already on your system, if ETS3, ETS4, ETS5 or  Opens internal link in current windowElvis is installed. Alternatively, download and install "Falcon Runtime" from the Opens external link in new windowKNX-Website.

Without license (dongle) ony devices in the range 1.1.1 to 1.1.10 can be checked.