IT Power Tools

Hit the target powerful

We offer two powerful supporting software tools that can be applied in PowerProject projects.

IT PowerTool Export for Elvis

Exchange of Group Addresses between PowerProject and Elvis

IT PowerTool Export for Elvis exports actions (group addresses) from a project created with PowerProject 4.0 (SR2 or higher Versions). The project and the Export for Elvis must be installed on the same computer.

To install the tool, PowerProject 4.0 SR2 must be installed. After the setup, start Export for Elvis and select a PowerProject project. Enter a name and path of the CSV file to be created. You may change the settings for datapoint port, datapoint name and datapoint group.

IT PowerTool Import/Export for ETS3

Exchange of Group Addresses between PowerProject and ETS projects

IT PowerTool Import/Export for ETS 3 allows to exchange actions/group addresses between PowerProject and ETS projects. It is also possible to exchange actions/group addresses between two PowerProject projects.

To export a CSV file from an ETS3 project and to import a CSV file into an ETS3 project use the two free macros "Export Group addresses" and "Import Group addresses". These are included in the Setup of Opens internal link in current windowIT Tools for ETS 3.