Additional products for ETS

Useful extension for ETS

We developed ETS applications - so-called ETS apps - that simplify the work of project and commissioning engineers. ETS apps are combining various steps in the work with ETS. These apps are available at the Opens external link in new window KNX Online Shop and can be integrated directly into ETS.

There are no demo versions available for our apps. For a detailed description, please refer to the manuals, which you can download on the respective app page. Vouchers for KNX apps are not valid for the IT apps.

For more information about our ETS apps as well as instructions for installation see Opens internal link in current windowhere.

IT GmbH has developed the following ETS apps:


reading the programmed devices of an EIB / KNX system and creating a ETS project


export and import project data from the current ETS project in xml format

Shift Addresses

restructuring of group addresses and individualaddresses in an ETS project

Fill Visudummy

Easily configuration dummy devices by importing group addresses

Check and Improve

Quality management of ETS projects for a better overview, maintenance and further use of the data

Function test

Test and acceptance tool for ETS projects, also for mobile use


Create automatic snapshots of your ETS project

Project Diff

Compare different states of the project