ETS App Check And Improve

Quality Management in ETS Projects

"Check and Improve" helps you ensure and improve the formal quality of your ETS projects. This includes the verification and semi-automatic correction of spelling, configurable naming conventions, and the assignment of Datapoint types.

Without much effort, the project get more clearly arranged, better maintainable and will be the perfect base for further use, e.g. for a visualization.

Some details:

The Spell checker can make use of many freely available dictionaries in lots of languages e.g. from the OpenOffice and Mozilla projects, plus user dictionaries for additional words.

The naming conventions can be defined by combining building blocks like "alternative", "concatenation", "list of allowed names", "list of names from project", "pattern" etc. to a rule.

The Datapoint type assignment has access to an online database with information currently about approx. 1000 application programs (continuously growing).




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ETS4 from 4.1.7 and ETS5

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