ETS Apps

What is it?


With ETS4/5 building and trade structures are planned, deployed and managed in detail. ETS apps are additional modules to simplify ETS4 respectively 5 project steps, ETS apps can be integrated into the ETS4/5.
It should not be overlooked that the ETS apps are separate programs with its own licensing. I.e. ETS apps are not part of the ETS4/5 but must be purchased for a fee. This is only possible via the KNX Online Shop - this also applies to the ETS apps developed by IT GmbH.

Installation of ETS Apps from IT GmbH

The installation of ETS apps is executed via the ETS4/5 itself.

Initiates file downloadManual installation Apps on ETS4

Initiates file downloadManual Installing Apps on ETS5

After installation the apps will appear in the menu item Extras - IT GmbH.

Update ETS 4 App to ETS 5 App

After switching to ETS5, you can update existing ETS4 apps if available by creating a replacement key. To order a replacement key, please click on the detail symbol (magnifying glass) in the MY PRODUCTS menu in your account in the KNX online shop. Enter the new dongle ID of ETS 5. A download link will then be created for the installation file of your new ETS app. Install the app and proceed as described above.