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Line coupler in EIB/KNX systems are also used to reduce telegram traffic. To do so, the line couplers use filter tables created by ETS. ETS filters out all group addresses that must only be transmitted locally, i.e. within a line.

For full system visualization, telegrams must be allowed to pass the line coupler. To this end, a dummy device is inserted in the ETS project. It contains all the group addresses required by the visualization system. The ETS takes the group addresses of the dummy device into account when creating the filter tables.

The group addresses can be collected from the followig sources:

  • from the ETS group address panel
  • from a CSV file
  • from an Elvis3 Designer file


The app integrates itself as menu command in Apps > IT GmbH. If you use this ETS App regularly, you will find it useful to add it as a button in the ETS toolbar. The online help describes all processes in detail.




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