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Using ProjectDataExchange you can export and import the following data for the current ETS4/ETS5 project in xml format:

  • project history
  • topology with areas, lines and devices including group objects, connections with group addresses and parameter data
  • complete building structure and devices and
  • group addresses

Project data exchange only works between ETS projects with same group address style (Free / Two level / Three level).


We provide you with an additional tool (ProjectDataExchangeConverter) free of charge with which ETS data can be exchanged with Microsoft Excel. Applications range from the evaluation of ETS data, import of existing data such as room lists to the creation of an ETS project almost exclusively in Excel. Download Initiates file downloadhere.


In context of ETS3 mainly the import functionality was used to transfer device-list-data available in tabular form into the ETS. The ETS App named Project Data Exchange uses the xml format of the ETS and helps to synchronize of the project data between an external program and ETS4 or ETS5 using a unique identification of the device instance. As an add-on to the former use it is now possible to synchronize a common subset of data between a program and the ETS.

For example, in a CAD program the basic functions for the graphical design of buildings are often supplemented by modules that allow configuration of the technical infrastructure, including the configuration of actuators and sensors in the fields of lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc. After the import of project data with ProjectDataExchange the parameterization, commissioning and addressing of these devices is done in ETS4. Modifications of the device list by adding or deleting devices can be retransferred to (CAD)-Program using the data exchange export of ProjectDataExchange.

ProjectDataExchange integrates itself as menu command in Extras > IT GmbH. If you use this ETS App regularly, you will find it useful to add it as a button in the ETS toolbar. The online help describes all processes during import or export.




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ETS 4 from 4.1.7 and ETS 5

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Here the Initiates file downloadmanual with detailed informations.