ETS App Reconstruction

The reverse engineering tool


  • Full or partial reading of the programmed devices of an EIB / KNX system with parameter settings and group address assignments.
  • EIB / KNX systems that were created with ETS1, ETS2 or ETS3 can also be read if the product data (*.vdx or *.knxprod) are available.
  • Comparing the read data with the configuration data
  • Conversion of the data read into an ETS4 respectively ETS5 project. Thus, lost or unavailable configuration data can be restored.


These data can be reconstructed:

  •     Topology (areas and lines)
  •     Devices
  •     Individual Address
  •     used application program
  •     Parameter settings
  •     Communcation object flags and priority
  •     Assigned group addresses

These data are not programmed into the device and therefore cannot be reconstructed:

  • Building and function structure
  • Names and descriptions of areas, lines, devices and group addresses

Limitations: In some cases, reconstruction may fail or be incomplete:

  •  Devices locked with an unknown BCU password cannot be read.
  • Devices that are programmed with plug-ins (add-on software) can only be read and reconstructed if the manufacturer supports this (with a corresponding reconstruction plugin).
  • Some application programs contain parameters that are not programmed into the device (eg comments on the documentation). This functionally insignificant parameters can therefore also not be reconstructed.
  • Application programs may exist, whose complex parameter dependencies of the Reconstruction app cannot be completely resolved. The Reconstruction app then issues an appropriate message. Please contact our Opens window for sending emailsupport in this case, we will try to find a solution.

A list of the IDs for manufacturers of KNX devices is available here: Initiates file downloadManufacturer ID.pdf (70 KB - 7/16).

To help customers who have purchased our App Reconstruction, the following links provide overviews (txt files - status 04.03.2019) from which the assignment of order numbers to Applications IDs can be found. These overviews do not claim to be complete! Similarly, there is no guarantee that you have really imported all possible applications if you have only imported one product with a specific order number. In particular, older versions of the application programs have often been removed from the product data by the manufacturers in favour of newer versions.

Initiates file downloadOverview generated from the data of the KNX online catalogue
Initiates file downloadOverview generated from diverse sources

Here you can get the Initiates file downloadmanual with detailed information.

Our Initiates file downloadvideo shows you how to use the reconstruction app.




English / German


only via the KNX Online Shop

Operating system

same as ETS4


ETS4 from 4.1.7 and ETS5 from 5.0.4

Initiates file downloadRelease Notes

  • Missing of product data can be imported (manually).
    Registered customers can get a CD with individual vd4 files for thousands of application programs. The Products CD (2008) we will be happy to send you a processing fee of 26.00 EUR (excluding VAT).