Professional Software Training

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We - the IT GmbH - can offer you three different training courses for the Visualisiation system Elvis. 

Complete training course (three event days)

  • comprehensive expertise schooling
  • all teaching points are expanded on concrete examples
  • flexible educational design
  • small groups
  • all individual questions will be answered


  • knowledge of PC and Windows are necessary
  • EIB basic knowledge makes sense

Advanced training course (three event days)

  • calculations and event handler with basic
  • strategies to resolve complex tasks
  • understand, change and generate Macros
  • specific topics like speech output, video technology etc. are treated by request
  • educational design and size of the group like the complete training course


  • the complete training course or Developing of one Elvis project (minimum 300 datapoints)

Intensive training course (one event day for Elvis 2 / 2 event days for Elvis 3)

The Elvis intensive training course is arranged for one person. The term and curriculum will be arranged individual and project specific.


  • knowledge of PC and Windows is necessary
  • EIB basic knowledge makes sense

If you want to have more detailed information, you can order or Initiates file downloaddownload the info documents for the Elvis complete training.

Please let us advice you without obligation!

Trainings and advanced Trainings by IT GmbH take place on

  • 14.01. until 16.01.2019 Elvis Training
  • 25.02. until 27.02.2019 Elvis Training
  • 15.04. until 17.04.2019 Elvis Training
  • 13.05. until 15.05.2019 Elvis Training
  • 10.06. until 12.06.2019 Elvis Training
  • 01.07. until 03.07.2019 Elvis Training
  • 16.09. until 18.09.2019 Elvis Training
  • 14.10. until 16.10.2019 Elvis Training
  • 11.11. until 13.11.2019 Elvis Training
  • 13.01. until 15.01.2020 Elvis Training

The trainings take place, according to requirements, as Elvis 2 or Elvis 3 trainings.