With these problems we can help you free of charge:

  • Installation, function and usage of all EIB/KNX software products created by IT GmbH (IT BusTools, IT Tools for ETS 3 and our ETS4 Apps ).
  • Installation, function and usage of our visualisation system Elvis if you bought a developer license.

Please accept that product training is not possible via phone or EMail. Also the online help and the manuals are an important source of help. For Elvis we offer training courses.

We can help you with these problems, but you will have to pay for it:

  • Conversion of ETS databases (ETS1 -> ETS 2 -> ETS 3).
  • Project support (e.g. creation of project-specific Elvis scripts, fault finding in Elvis scripts)

Each contact with IT GmbH support is of course free of charge. After we understand your problem, we will tell you if there will be any costs for you if we work on the case.

Sorry, but with these problems, we cannot help you:

  • Function and usage of ETS. Please contact the Opens external link in new windowKNX Association in this case.
  • Product specific problems with EIB/KNX devices and applications.
    Please contact the device manufacturer in this case.
  • Configuration and usage of the Windows operating system and Windows problems.

You can reach the hotline:

Email: Opens window for sending
Phone: +49 911 518349-0
Fax: +49 911 5183688

You may also use the Opens internal link in current windowFeedback form to inform us about problems and suggestions.
Please don't send us e-mail-attachments of more than 8 MB.